Safety Regulations For Drill Bits

Safety Regulations For Drill Bits

Date:Dec 30, 2020

1. During operation, please wear work clothes, safety glasses, helmets, etc.; please do not wear loose clothes and gauze gloves to avoid danger.

2. To prevent iron filings from scratching your hands, please use iron hooks to remove iron filings when drilling.

3. Before use, please check whether the drill bit has scars, if there are scars, please don't use it.

4. If the drill bit is stuck, please turn off the motor immediately.

5. When replacing or disassembling the drill bit, make sure that the power supply of the equipment is disconnected.

6. When the drill bit is rotating, please do not touch it with your hands to avoid danger.

7. The cutting edge of the drill bit is very hard, but it is also very brittle. Please take care to protect it. If the drill bit breaks, it will affect the drilling effect and cause the drill bit to break.

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