Related Knowledge Of Pliers

Related Knowledge Of Pliers

Date:Jan 03, 2020

①In general, the compressive strength of the pliers is relatively limited, so it cannot be used for work that the energy of ordinary hands cannot reach. Smaller specifications or general needle-nose pliers will destroy the jaws when they are used to bend round rod plates with high compressive strength.

② General wire pliers have three tooth surfaces, which can only be used to break fine iron wires, not stainless steel wires.

③ The handle of the pliers can only be held by hand. Do not add points in other ways.

Pliers are available in 150, 175, 200, and 250mm models. It can be purchased according to the technical requirements of the inside or outside line. The teeth of the pliers can also be used to tighten or unscrew the nut. The wound of the pliers can be used to cut the cable eraser or the plastic cable sheath. The wound of the pliers can also be used to cut the cable or thin wire. When cutting the galvanized steel strip, use the cutting edge to cut back and forth twice around the surface, and then only need to pull it slightly, and the thin wire is broken. The mouth can also be used to disconnect hard wires such as cables and stainless steel wires. The insulated plastic hose of the pliers is resistant to about 500V, and it has the ability to cut electrical cables by induction. Do not throw them during use to prevent damage to the insulated plastic hose.

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