Measurement Tools Are Classified According To Use

Measurement Tools Are Classified According To Use

Date:Jan 15, 2020

Measuring tools are used in many industries, especially in construction. When people make five intuitive judgments, they need to use tools to measure. For example, using tools such as tape measure, theodolite, and spirit level are common in engineering construction. According to different purposes, measuring tools The classification is different, and there are corresponding classifications according to different operating principles. So how are the tools classified? Next, we will explain them for you.

Standard measuring tool: refers to the measuring tool that reflects the standard quantity when measuring. Such as the standard meter ruler, measuring block, square ruler, line ruler, polyhedron and so on.

Universal gage and measuring instrument: It has great versatility, and can be used to measure various sizes within a certain range and obtain specific readings, such as vernier calipers, indicating meters, length measuring instruments, coordinate measuring machines, etc.

Special measuring instrument: a measuring instrument specially used to measure a specific geometric quantity, such as a roundness meter, a gauge, etc.

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