Matrix Selection Of Cemented Carbide Saw Blades

Matrix Selection Of Cemented Carbide Saw Blades

Date:Sep 03, 2020

(2) selection of matrix

Good elasticity and plasticity of spring steel, material economy, good hardenability in heat treatment, low heating temperature and easy deformation can be used for saw blades with low cutting requirements.

Carbon tool steel with carbon high thermal conductivity, but subjected to 200℃-250℃ temperature, its hardness and wear resistance drops sharply, heat treatment deformation, poor hardenability, tempering time long easy cracking. Manufacture economic materials for cutting tools such as T8A, T10A, T12A, etc.

C. Alloy tool steel has good heat resistance, abrasion resistance and treatment property compared with carbon tool steel. The heat-resistant deformation temperature of 300℃-400℃ is suitable for manufacturing high-grade alloy circular saw blades.

4. High-speed tool steel has good hardenability, strong hardness and rigidity, and little heat resistance deformation. It is ultra high strength steel with thermoplastic stability suitable for manufacturing high-grade ultra-thin saw blades.

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