Management Of Tools

Management Of Tools

Date:Jan 20, 2020

1. The tools should be kept by a dedicated person and easy to inspect and repair.

2. When lending dangerous tools, protective equipment should be distributed at the same time.

3. Various tools should be stored in a fixed place.

4. Each tool should have recorded data, including the date of purchase, price, accessories, useful life, etc.

5. Tool borrowing must be registered, and borrowing data should be kept complete.

6. The number of tools should be taken regularly.

7. The storage of tools should be classified.

8. More vulnerable tools should be backed up.

9. Tool specifications are standardized as much as possible.

10. Valuable tools should be properly stored to avoid loss.

11. Tools management should set out management and borrowing methods.

12. The tool storage place should be protected from moisture and have a good environment.

13. Industrial and commercial scrapping shall be handled in accordance with regulations, and replenishment shall be applied for.

14. Borrowing tools should also be prudent, quick, accurate and simple.


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