Maintenance Of Manual Tools

Maintenance Of Manual Tools

Date:Jan 19, 2020

1. All tools should be inspected and maintained regularly.

2. Various tools should be provided with inspection and maintenance record cards, and detailed maintenance data should be recorded.

3. In case of failure or damage, immediately check and repair.

4. When the tool is damaged, find out the cause of the damage.

5. Teach the correct method of use before using the tool.

6. Tools that are not used for a long time must still be maintained.

7. Each hand tool must be used according to the intended use.

8. It is forbidden to use the tool before it is fastened.

9. Tool maintenance should be implemented in a static state.

10. Do not stab others with sharp tools.

11. Never use damaged or loose tools.

12. The tool has reached the end of its useful life or use limit, and it is forbidden to use it again.

13. During tool maintenance, the principle is not to damage the original design.

14. Tools that cannot be repaired in the factory should be returned to the original manufacturer for repair.


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