Is The Claw Hammer A Labor-saving Lever?

Is The Claw Hammer A Labor-saving Lever?

Date:Jan 08, 2021

The claw hammer is a labor-saving lever.

The power arm is larger than the resistance arm, and the power is less than the resistance when balanced. Although it saves effort, it takes a long time. <In other words, when the length of the force arm (with the fulcrum O as the dividing line) is greater than the length of the resistance arm, this is a labor-saving lever.

In daily life, bottle openers, juicers, nutcrackers, etc., the power point of this lever must be closer to the fulcrum than the gravity point, so it is always labor-saving.

Such as: crowbar, wrench, pliers, nail puller, bottle opener, iron scissors, wire cutters, nail clippers, car steering wheel, etc.

Claw hammer is a kind of hammer. Generally, one end of the claw hammer is round, and the other end is flat and bent downward and has a V opening, the purpose of which is to drive nails.

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