How To Use Pipe Wrench

How To Use Pipe Wrench

Date:Jan 14, 2020

There are various types of tools. Pipe clamps are used to hold pipes, so the selection of pipe clamps must match the size of the pipe diameter, which means that the specifications of the pipe clamps should meet the quality production standards. The size of the nozzle of the pipe wrench can be adjusted by a nut. When using the pipe wrench, make sure that the screw of the pipe wrench is tightly clamped on the pipe, and hold it at the bottom of the handle of the pipe wrench to increase the torque to achieve a labor-saving effect. The use of pipe wrenches usually rotates clockwise. The pipe wrench manufacturers once again remind that when using pipe wrenches as long-arm levers, pay attention to torque to avoid slipping. What should I pay attention to when using it?

Notes on using pipe wrenches:

To choose the right size

The jaw opening must be equal to the diameter of the workpiece.

The pliers head should be clamped to the workpiece and then pulled firmly to prevent slipping and hurting people.

When using a booster lever, the length should be appropriate. When moving the handle, pay attention to the bearing torque. Do not use too much force to prevent overload damage.

Keep pipe clamps and adjustment rings clean.

Generally pipe wrenches cannot be used as hammer heads.

Do not clamp workpieces with a temperature exceeding 300 ° C.

When using the pipe pliers, be careful not to get water. If they do, dry them in time after use to avoid rusting and unusable next time. Avoid excessive work during use. The condition of mouth smashing should be returned to its original state after use. It is also important to do daily maintenance.

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