How To Use Diagonal Pliers

How To Use Diagonal Pliers

Date:Dec 25, 2020

The blade of the diagonal pliers can be used to cut the rubber or plastic insulation of flexible wires. The knife edge of the pliers can also be used to cut wires and iron wires. When cutting No. 8 galvanized iron wire, use a knife to cut back and forth around the surface a few times, and then only need to pull it lightly to break the wire. Guilloches can also be used to cut hard metal wires such as wires and steel wires. Electricians often have various specifications such as 150, 175, 200 and 250mm. It can be purchased according to the needs of internal or external work types. The teeth of the pliers can also be used to tighten or loosen nuts.

The person who uses the tool must be familiar with the performance, characteristics, use, storage, repair and maintenance methods of the tool. The use of pliers is operated with the right hand. With the jaws facing inward, it is convenient to control the cutting position. Use your little finger to stretch the middle of the two pliers handles against the pliers handles, and open the pliers heads so that you can separate the pliers handles flexibly.

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