How To Use Crimping Pliers

How To Use Crimping Pliers

Date:Jan 01, 2020

The steps for direct connection of crimping pliers are as follows:

1) Select the mold and aluminum sleeve according to the cross section of the wire.

2) Strip the insulation sheath of the conductor at the connection. The stripping length should be half of the length of the aluminum sleeve, plus 5-LoMm, and then remove the oxide layer (film) on the surface of the core wire with a wire brush.

3) Dip a clean silk brush with petroleum jelly (toxic, not in contact with the skin) and apply it evenly on the core wire to prevent the regeneration of the oxide layer.

4) Use a round wire brush to remove the oxide layer and dirt on the inner wall of the aluminum sleeve. The inner wall of the pipe needs to be coated with petroleum jelly.

5) Insert the two core wires into the aluminum sleeve so that the two connectors are connected in the middle of the aluminum sleeve.

6) According to the thickness of the aluminum sleeve, select a suitable wire mold to install on the crimping pliers, tighten the set screws, and insert the core wire with the aluminum sleeve into the wire mold.

7) Align the aluminum sleeve and press the handle according to the handle. When crimping, first press the two dimples at the two ends, and then press the two dimples in the middle. The two dimples should be straight. The bending of the aluminum casing should not be greater than two percent of the tube length, otherwise it will be straightened with a wooden hammer.

8) Wipe off the remaining grease, apply quick-drying asphalt paint to both ends of the aluminum sleeve and the joints, and then wrap the aluminum sleeve and the exposed wires with two layers of yellow wax tape and two layers of black tape.

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