How To Use Claw Hammer To Save Effort

How To Use Claw Hammer To Save Effort

Date:Dec 15, 2020

How to use the claw hammer more labor-saving, when we understand the fulcrum of the claw hammer, it will be more convenient for us to use. This is an important basis for design and labor saving.  

The fulcrum of the claw hammer is where it touches the ground, and its power is the vertical direction of the handle. Of course, the place where you save effort when doing work is to hold the tail of the handle.  

In fact, a claw hammer is a kind of hammer. One end is round and the other is flat, which is what we commonly call a hammer. It is generally used to pick up nails and strike things. The claw hammer first appeared in ancient Rome and was mainly used. The principle of labor-saving leverage 

The resistance of a claw hammer is the downward vertical direction of its tip, and the resistance arm is the downward vertical extension line of the tip of the claw hammer and the end of the fulcrum.

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