How To Maintain Diagonal Pliers Daily?

How To Maintain Diagonal Pliers Daily?

Date:Dec 25, 2020

     1. At the clamp head, the crimping module must not be knocked to avoid damage and deformation.

     2. When using the wrong module or improper force to cause the brake to expand, apply force to the movable handle, and at the same time, forcefully press down the stopper and press it firmly, then pry the movable handle up, and then turn the quick-action handle counterclockwise , You can troubleshoot. Another method is to remove the pin of the left hook. If the gear cannot be tripped, turn the screw above the stopper.

     3. When storing, you must first close the left and right hooks, close the movable handle, and then rotate the stop wrench to the closed position (red dot), and then put it into the iron box.

     4. After the end of each shift, it should be cleaned and organized first, and then stored according to Article 3.

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