Drilling Steps Of The Drill

Drilling Steps Of The Drill

Date:Dec 30, 2020

1. Determine the feed rate: the feed rate is generally based on experience. From a numerical point of view, it is generally 0.08-0.12mm/revolution, or 0.6-1.0mm/sec. The feed rate is a key element when drilling, and it is different. The feed rate can form different iron filings, and different iron filings will change the chip removal performance

2. Positioning: Chisel a positioning point in the center of the position to be drilled or mark a "cross" line with an alloy needle to ensure the accuracy of the drilling position. Note that when using the center chisel to hit the positioning point, please make sure that the center chisel is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece, so as not to affect the smooth discharge of the cutting core.

3. Start drilling: please adjust the appropriate speed, make sure the bottom of the magnetic base of the drill is clean before starting up, first turn on the magnetic base switch and then the motor switch. The motor is running and the coolant switch is turned on. When the drill bit touches the steel plate, feed slowly. , After drilling about 1-2mm, feed at normal speed.

4. End of drilling: Turn off the motor and wait for the spindle to stop rotating, use an iron hook to remove the iron filings wound on the drill body, and then continue the operation.

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