Drill Working Steps

Drill Working Steps

Date:Sep 12, 2020

1. Determine the feed speed: The feed speed is generally based on experience. Numerically speaking, it is generally 0.08-0.12mm/ RPM or 0.6-1.0mm/ SEC. The feed speed is a key factor in drilling

2. Positioning: Strike a certain point in the center chisel where drilling is needed or mark the "cross" line with the alloy needle to ensure the accuracy of drilling position. Note: when the center chisel is used to set the position, please make sure the center chisel is perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece to avoid affecting the smooth discharge of the cutting core.

3. Start drilling: Please adjust the appropriate speed, and make sure the bottom of magnetic seat is clean before starting the drill. Open the magnetic seat switch first and then open the motor switch.

4. End of drilling: Turn off the motor. After the spindle stops rotating, remove the iron filings wrapped around the drill body with the iron hook, and then continue the operation.

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