Detailed Knowledge Of Tape Measure

Detailed Knowledge Of Tape Measure

Date:Jan 10, 2020

As a measuring tool that can be seen everywhere in daily life, tape measure is generally divided into steel tape measure, tape measure and so on. Here I will tell you about the tape measure, which is common in construction sites, decoration sites and families.

Knowledge 1. After long-term use, the steel strip will not cause invalid measurement results due to long-term stretching. In fact, a full-scale ruler has a long strip of leather inside, fully relaxed, and a wide range from fully tightened. All its strokes are included, with margins at both ends, so the measured data will not be invalid.

Knowledge 2. The measuring tape of Shandong Shida Tools has a shell, and the inner belt is easy to roll up. This is why it is a cost-effective tape measure. First of all, it is designed as a shell with an inner belt rolled up, saving space and being easy to carry. Second, it can be rolled in because there will be a spring inside the tape measure. When measuring, it actually lengthens the length of the strap and spring. Once the measurement is completed, the internal spring will automatically shrink. The strap also contracts under the force of the spring, so it is easy to roll up.

Knowledge 3. When measuring tape is used, no matter how long the leather strip is pulled, you will not feel the change in force. This is because the internal straps are very thin, the amount of deformation during expansion and contraction is small, and the reaction force is also very small. The change in force is hardly felt when the ruler is pulled.

Knowledge 4. There are gears at the beginning of the tape measure. As a full-scale tape measure, a geared design is required in many measurement processes. Because it is often necessary to make a mark during the measurement, and only two hands at this time, and the marker is just far away, at this time, the end with the gear will work, as long as the end with the tooth is gently scraped a few times. The mark will be made immediately. Isn't it convenient to save time and effort?

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