Correct Use Of Tape Measure

Correct Use Of Tape Measure

Date:Jan 08, 2021

First, have you ever wondered what the small hole on the tape measure is for? This hole is also called the eye of a tape measure. It can help us make accurate measurements with screws. We can put a small screw in this hole and then fix it on it. Now we can measure any one we want. Place of measurement.

Second, why do most of the hooks of the roll paper have jagged bottoms? Sometimes the measurement will encounter such a problem. In order to achieve perfect results, we must use both hands, but without help, almost It is impossible to mark the correct position. At this time, the tiny teeth can play its role. You only need to press the edge to press her in the middle, and then a mark will be drawn with sawtooth as a mark.

The third is why there is a millimeter unit on the front of the zigzag, and the front end of the roll paper is movable. Generally, the first grid is shorter than the second. This does not affect the accuracy of the tape measure, but is more accurate. Because the tape measure has two measurement methods, first, when you hang it on the object, pull the tape measure back and you will see that there is only one place at the front end that is not measured, and this section is the second one longer than the first one. Part, when we measure against the object, the thickness of the tape measure hook is the first part.

Fourth, why does the tape measure have a length rule? This number is not a useless number, it is the length of the tape measure class. If we encounter such a situation when measuring, when the tape measure encounters a bend, it will not be directly measured. It will be accurate, but the number displayed on the tape measure on the same horizontal line plus the number on the roll paper mark will be more standard, and the length of the object will be more accurately measured.

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