Classification Of Tape Measure

Classification Of Tape Measure

Date:Oct 29, 2020

The main type of tape measure is steel tape measure, followed by fiber tape measure, which is often seen as a tape measure. Many people say it is cloth tape measure, and there is also the waist tape measure (tailor's tape/clothing measure all belong to this category). It is made of PVC plastic and fiberglass, which prevents the tape from being stretched during use.

Tape measure

A leather tape measure is a combination of fiberglass and PVC plastic. It is also known as a fiber tape measure or a tape measure. It's usually in the metric system, which is 150 centimeters on one side and 60 inches on the other. The inch is a unit of measurement commonly used in foreign countries. The unit of size for TV sets and monitors is in inches. And the size of the jeans, also in inches. In China, measuring tape is commonly used in the market inch. 150 centimeters on one side and 45 inches on the other. Often referred to as the 2 '1 ", 2' 2 waist, is the market inch unit.


Used for advertising promotion purposes, divided into steel tape (steel tape) and leather tape (PVC plastic fiber tape), usually cute shape is more compact. Eighty-five percent of the world's tape measures, also known as measuring tools, are exported from China.

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