Choice Of Carbide Saw Blade

Choice Of Carbide Saw Blade

Date:Sep 03, 2020

The diameter of the blade is related to the cutting equipment used and the thickness of the cutting workpiece. Saw blade diameter is small, cutting speed is relatively low; The large diameter of saw blade requires high requirements on saw blade and saw cutting equipment, and the saw cutting efficiency is also high. The outer diameter of the saw blade is selected according to different circular saw machines.

The diameters of standard parts are 110MM(4 inches), 150MM(6 inches), 180MM(7 inches), 200MM(8 inches), 230MM(9 inches), 250MM(10 inches), 300MM(12 inches), 350MM(14 inches), 400MM(16 inches), 450MM(18 inches), 500MM(20 inches), etc. The bottom groove saw blades of precision cutting board saws are mostly designed as 120MM.

Generally speaking, the more the number of teeth, the more cutting edges per unit time, the better the cutting performance. However, the more cutting teeth require a large number of cemented carbide, the higher the price of the saw blade. But the sawtooth is too dense, and the chip tolerance between the teeth becomes small, which is easy to cause the saw blade heating; In addition, the serrated too much, when the feed improper, the amount of cutting per tooth is very little, will exacerbate the friction between the cutting edge and the workpiece, affecting the service life of the blade. Generally, the tooth spacing is 15-25mm, and a reasonable number of teeth should be selected according to the cutting material.

In theory, we hope that the thinner the blade is, the better. Actually, saw sewing is a kind of consumption. The thickness of the saw blade is determined by the material of the alloy blade base and the technology of making the blade. The thickness is too thin, and the blade is easy to shake when working, which affects the cutting effect. The thickness of the saw blade should be selected from the stability of the blade and the cutting material. The thickness required for some special purpose materials is also specific and should be used according to equipment requirements, such as slotted saw blades, marking saw blades, etc.

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