Carbide Saw Blade

Carbide Saw Blade

Date:Sep 03, 2020

Cemented carbide saw blade includes several parameters, such as the type of alloy cutter head, the material of matrix, diameter, number of teeth, thickness, tooth shape, Angle and aperture, which determine the machining ability and cutting performance of the saw blade.

When choosing a saw blade, it is necessary to choose the saw blade correctly according to the type of cutting material, thickness, cutting speed, cutting direction, feeding speed and saw path width.

The commonly used types of cemented carbide include tungsten-Cobalt (code YG) and tungsten-titanium (code YT). Tungsten-cobalt hard alloys are widely used in wood processing because of their good impact resistance. The commonly used model in wood processing is Yg-YG15, and the number after YG represents the percentage of cobalt content. With the increase of cobalt content, the impact toughness and bending strength of the alloy are improved, but the hardness and wear resistance are decreased, which should be selected according to the actual situation.

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