Bit Classification Applications

Bit Classification Applications

Date:Jul 23, 2020

Folding deep hole drill

Deep hole drilling usually refers to the machining of holes whose ratio of hole depth to aperture is greater than 6. Commonly used are gun drill, BTA deep hole drill, jet drill, DF deep hole drill. Casing drills are also commonly used in deep hole machining.

Folding reaming drill

The reaming drill has 3 ~ 4 teeth, its rigidity is better than the twist drill, used to enlarge the existing hole and improve the machining accuracy and finish.

Fold economic drill

Countersunk drill has more cutter teeth, the hole end is machined into the required shape by the shaping method, used for machining countersunk head holes of various countersunk head screws or the external face of the countersunk head holes.

Folding center drill

The center drill is used for drilling the center hole of shaft workpiece, it is essentially composed of twist drill with small screw Angle and countersink drill, so it is also called compound center drill.

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