Mirror Surface Hexagonal Socket

Mirror Surface Hexagonal Socket

The high quality chrome vanadium alloy steel forged mouth sleeve is made of high quality alloy steel, heat treated, high hardness, large torque, good toughness, strong and durable. The combination of the mouth sleeve and the shank is firm, and the external hexagonal force design of the sleeve...


Mirror Surface Hexagonal Socket

  1. Forged from high quality carbon Steel, and heat treated for outstanding strength, strong and durable, not easy to break.

  2. Chromium surface plating.

  3. Special arc internal angle design, torque increased by 30%, can effectively reduce the wear of the tip of the nut, the operation does not slip, more safe and reliable.

  4. High hardness and toughness, for a longer life.

  5. The surface is mirror-polished, rust-proof, and wear-resistant. The socket wrench is generally called a socket: it consists of multiple sockets with hexagon holes or twelve-angle holes and is equipped with a handle, (hexagon of this product) It is composed of various accessories, and is especially suitable for turning bolts or nuts with a very narrow position or a deep depression. The sleeve is divided into metric system and imperial system. Although the concave shape of the sleeve is the same, the outer diameter and length are designed according to the shape and size of the corresponding equipment.




45# Carbon Steel, Cr-v Steel

Head Finish

Polish, Chrome Plated


Color box/  hanging card







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