Where should the claw hammer be used?

Date:Mar 25, 2021

With the development of machinery and metallurgical technology, the products of claw hammer manufacturers are constantly updated and developed in terms of shape design and material use. The design factors such as mechanics and human body functions are fully taken into account when designing. The use is more labor-saving and the effect is better. Where do I need a claw hammer?

The claw hammer is actually a hand tool used to strike or hammer objects. It is composed of a hammer head and a grip handle. It is a special hand hammer for woodworking. It is suitable for many situations. In practical applications In addition to being used to strike generally non-hardened iron nails, the claw-shaped double claws at the other end can also be used to clamp and pull the iron nails, or pry and tear down wooden components. This shows that the use of claw hammers is extremely common. There are also many forms and specifications.

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