What is the tensile strength of the octagonal hammer

Date:Feb 24, 2021

The octagonal hammer manufacturers use high-quality original materials for processing, so that the hammer can play a role in explosion-proof, and how about its tensile strength?

Its tensile strength can reach more than 25 degrees, which is absolutely sufficient to meet the needs of these special places. The octagonal hammer made of beryllium bronze alloy also has the function of explosion-proof and anti-magnetic. The material is mainly processed and produced with beryllium and copper as the original alloy. The tensile strength of these products has reached 35 degrees or more. The processed beryllium bronze product has greatly enhanced tensile strength, and the product of this material can be anti-magnetic, so this hammer product is both explosion-proof and anti-magnetic, and is especially suitable for use in workplaces with higher requirements.

Due to the special material of the octagonal hammer, the product can play the role of explosion-proof, and will not generate sparks due to knocks, impacts, blows, etc. during use. This is also the key to the sledge hammer's explosion-proof effect.

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