Type of pipe cutter

Date:Feb 01, 2020

Pipe cutters generally use PVC PP-R and other plastic pipe cutting tools. Generally, the material of the blade body is aluminum alloy to make it lightweight. The blade has 65MN stainless iron SK5 and other hardness between 48-58 degrees. The blade is quenched at high temperature. General hand tools are consumables, with a good service life of 1-3 years.

The cutting knife, also known as a pipe cutter, is a tool specifically for cutting purple pipes, aluminum pipes, plastic pipes and other pipes.

How to use the cutting knife: Place the tube between the roller and the cutting wheel, the side wall of the tube is placed close to the middle of the two rollers, and the cut of the cutting wheel is clamped vertically to the tube. Then turn and adjust the rotating handle to make the cutting edge of the cutting knife cut into the pipe wall, and then rotate the cutting knife as a whole evenly around the pipe. After turning one turn, turn the adjusting handle to make the cutting edge cut into the pipe further. The amount of each feed should not be too much. Just screw in 1/4 turn, and then continue to turn the cutting knife. Until the tube is cut. After cutting, the nozzle of the pipe should be neat and smooth, suitable for expanding and expanding the nozzle.

Suitable for operating in narrow spaces, used to cut small-size soft and hard copper, aluminum, brass and plastic pipes; the groove on the rotating roller design is easy to cut the mouth of the horn.

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