The two main parts of the hammer

Date:Mar 18, 2021

The hammer mainly includes two parts, the hammer head and the handle. Today, we mainly understand this knowledge.

The hammer head is usually made of steel and needs to be forged by heating. It usually takes a few times for forging to be fully formed. After forging, there are many burrs, which require polishing. For the handle, there are also different materials, mainly wood and plastic. Note that the wood must be dried first, and then turned into the desired shape. After completion, use a hydraulic press to press the handle into the hammer head, and then press the wedge into the joint to increase the fastness of the joint, and then the lettering. Hammers come in various forms. The common form is a handle and top. Therefore, the requirements for materials are very high. High-quality materials must be selected to ensure that there will be no breakage problems in future use.

Before using the hammer, you must check whether the hammer handle is securely installed. If it is loose, reinstall it to prevent injury or damage accidents due to the hammer head coming out during use.

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