The impact of octagonal hammer toughness on application effect

Date:Mar 25, 2021

The product range of octagonal hammer manufacturers is still very wide, and they are used in all aspects of life and work. However, many consumers often ignore its toughness when buying such products, but in fact, the increase in toughness leads to the use of sledge hammers. The effect still has a greater impact.

Through the understanding of the octagonal hammer, we found that the octagonal hammer contains a large amount of high-hardness carbides, so its wear resistance, especially the wear resistance of wear-resistant materials, is very superior. As a wear-resistant material, high hardness must be required. However, if only the hardness of the material is pursued and the toughness of the material is ignored during the wear process, it will inevitably lead to the hammer reducing its effect during use, and even premature fracture.

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