Surface treatment of wrenches

Date:Feb 06, 2020

1. Bright chrome: bright like a mirror;

2. Chromite: matt;

3. Electrophoresis: black, with brightness, under the action of external direct current, the charged particles are directed to the cathode or anode in a dispersed medium to promote the separation of substances;

4. Phosphating: black, but dark luster, immersing the substance in the phosphating solution, depositing on the surface to form a layer of water-insoluble crystalline phosphorus, is the conversion process of hydrochloric acid.

5. Gray nickel: It is a new surface treatment method with strong anti-rust ability and will increase the service life of the product.

6. Other treatments include blackening, nickel-iron alloy, pearl nickel, black nickel and titanium plating.

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