Screwdriver main types

Date:Jun 05, 2020


1. Ordinary screwdriver

Different screwdrivers

Different screwdrivers

It is a screwdriver with a head and a handle. It is easy to prepare and can be used as long as it is taken out. However, because there are many different lengths and thicknesses of screws, sometimes it is necessary to prepare many different screwdrivers.

2. Combined screwdriver

A screwdriver that separates the screwdriver head and the handle. To install different types of screws, you only need to replace the screwdriver head. There is no need to bring a large number of screwdrivers. The advantage is that it can save space, but it is easy to lose the screwdriver head.

3. Electric screwdriver

Electric screwdriver, as the name implies, is to replace the manual installation and removal of screws with an electric motor, usually a combination screwdriver.

4. Clock screwdriver

It is a precision screwdriver and is commonly used to repair wristband watches, so it is called this.

5. Small diamond screwdriver

The size of the head handle and body length are smaller than the commonly used screwdrivers, non-clock screwdrivers.

In terms of its structural shape, there are usually the following:

1. Straight. This is the most common kind. The head model has a word, cross, rice, T type (plum type), H type (hexagonal), etc.

2. L-shaped. It is more common in hexagonal screwdrivers, and its longer rod is used to increase the torque, thereby saving more effort.

3. T shape. There are many applications in the auto repair industry.

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