Screwdriver history

Date:Jun 03, 2020

The Phillips screw and Phillips screwdriver were invented by Henry Phillips in the 1930s. First used on the assembly line of the car. So Phillips screw and Phillips screwdriver are also called Philips screw and Philips screwdriver.

In order to apply a small torque to the flat screw, people thought of opening a slot in the screw head and using the corresponding flat screwdriver to easily tighten and loosen the screw, but with the rapid development of science and technology, the screw Has become more and more widely used, and the shortages of screws and flat-blade screwdrivers have also appeared. The first is that once the slot of the screw head is damaged, the screw cannot be unscrewed. The longer the length of the slot is, the easier it is to be damaged during the screwing process.

In order to shorten the length of the notch, improve the ability of the notch to resist damage, and transmit the same amount of torque, people thought of using a cross groove to withstand the same torsion, but the length of a notch is half shorter, which is resistant to damage. The ability is greatly enhanced. The screwdriver was originally in a straight line and could not be used for cross-slotted screws. Only another type of cross-slotted screwdriver was produced corresponding to the cross-slotted screw. There are two types of screwdrivers.

Slotted screws have been used since the machine. It is impossible to replace all the screws on the old machine. The Phillips screwdriver cannot be used on a slotted screw. The slotted screw is still in production and application, so keep a slotted screwdriver. In this way, most of the new machines use cross-notch screws, and the old ones are still in use. In some cases, two screwdrivers are used at the same time.

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