Screwdriver head type classification

Date:Jun 08, 2020

The screwdriver can be divided into a word, cross, rice, star (computer), square head, hexagonal head, Y head, etc. according to different head types. The word and cross are the most commonly used in our lives, like It is used for installation and maintenance. It can be said that a screwdriver is used wherever there are screws.

Hexagon heads are not widely used. Hexagon wrenches are commonly used. Like many machines, many screws are equipped with hexagon sockets, which is convenient for multi-angle force. There are not many big stars. Small stars are often used to dismantle and repair mobile phones, hard drives, notebooks, etc. We call small screwdrivers clocks and clocks. Stars T6, T8, cross PH0, PH00 are commonly used.

Head means: the word SLOTTED




Square head SQUARE


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