Screwdriver basic function editing

Date:Jun 04, 2020

When repairing a mobile phone, a screwdriver is required to open the case (some phone cases are concealed and do not require a screwdriver). Most of the screws use hexagonal screws; different mobile phones have different specifications, generally T5, T6, T7, T8, etc., some models are also equipped with special screws, you need to use a special screwdriver. In addition, you need to prepare a small screwdriver with a small screwdriver.

When choosing this kind of tool, you should choose A and B sets, which includes almost all mobile phone unpacking tools. When opening the case, select the appropriate screwdriver according to the type and specifications of the screws on the case. If the selection is not appropriate, the groove of the screw may be flattened, resulting in slipping.

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