Production and processing of claw hammer

Date:Mar 06, 2021

Hardware tools are indispensable in our production and life. This kind of tool from claw hammer manufacturers is very common. It helps working people solve many difficult problems.

When producing the claw hammer, it is necessary to consider its friction, which requires adding some patterns on its aircraft carrier, or changing the material to prevent it from slipping. If it cannot be adjusted in time, then It will bring a lot of trouble, so when it is in production, its handle is designed according to the palm shape, and the gripping force can reduce the shock to a large extent, and can reduce the slip to a large extent. In the processing technology of the claw hammer, it is necessary to harden the two ends of the claw hammer with water first, and then immerse the entire claw hammer in water and cool to room temperature.

In this way, the hardness of the two ends of the claw hammer is very good, the hardness of the middle part is slightly lower, the toughness is better, and the brittleness is not easy to occur, so that the products produced can be better used.

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