Pliers are a tool for fastening

Date:Jun 02, 2020

Some pliers also have a cutting function. There are many types of pliers, but they all have a part for clamping the material, called "jaw". The jaws are controlled by levers, which can produce a large clamping force.

How to use the pliers: ① Under normal circumstances, the strength of the pliers is limited, so it can not be used to operate the work that can not be reached by the strength of ordinary hands. Especially the smaller or ordinary needle-nose pliers may damage the jaws when it is used to bend strong bar stock. ②General wire cutting pliers have three cutting edges, which can only be used to cut iron wire, not steel wire. ③The handle of the pliers can only be held by hand, and can not be forced by other methods (such as hitting with a hammer, clamping with a vise, etc.).

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