Normal maintenance of the hammer

Date:Feb 06, 2021

This kind of product of claw hammer manufacturers is also a very commonly used tool. Usually, it depends on it for percussion. Some constructions require a hammer.

Sometimes it can be divided into sledge hammer and small hammer, each with its own function, according to the shape can also be subdivided into sledge hammer, claw hammer and so on. It is precisely because the function of a hammer is irreplaceable, it must be inspected and maintained regularly to extend its service life. If the hammer is not properly prevented, it is easy to be corroded and rusted. Therefore, its toughness and strength coefficient have high requirements during production. In the process of using, pay attention to intermittent strikes, so as to protect the strike surface of the hammer, because after a certain strike, there will inevitably be some falling products, which will affect the flatness of the strike surface of the hammer. of.

After use, it needs to be wiped in time to keep its surface clean and tidy, which is also conducive to good storage, and the storage environment must be dry and avoid moisture.

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