Introduction of manual wrench

Date:Feb 04, 2020

Manual wrench, also called ordinary wrench, is mainly used in ordinary life and work. It is relatively simple to use. It is mainly divided into single-headed wrench, double-headed wrench, adjustable wrench, plum wrench, multi-purpose wrench, percussion wrench, and socket wrench. , Socket driver, torque wrench, torque wrench, cross wrench, ratchet wrench, hook wrench, hex wrench, inner square wrench, manual clutch torque wrench, pipe wrench, T-wrench, L-wrench, trident wrench, crescent moon Wrenches, drum wrenches, tire wrenches, spark plug wrenches, filter wrenches, combination wrenches, other wrenches, etc. The torque wrench is divided into a ring wrench, a pointer wrench, and a digital display wrench.

Use of manual wrench

1. Select the appropriate wrench according to the characteristics of the fastened fastener.

2. Tighten, hold the end of the wrench handle with your hand, and tighten firmly clockwise; loosen, and turn counterclockwise.

Features of manual wrench

Simple operation, low price and high labor intensity.

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