How to use different types of hammers

Date:Apr 08, 2021

Hammers are often used in our lives, and different types have different uses. Let's introduce them to us below.

The most common is the claw hammer. The claw hammer is named because it has two horns on the top of its head that are used to lift nails, which are similar to the claw horn; the other end is round, and the round head hammer is a kind of round one end and one flat end. Shaped, round head shape is conducive to nailing in uneven places. The octagonal hammer is a hammer with an octagonal surface. A hammer that has no spark after hammering is mostly used in places with high requirements for fireworks, such as petroleum and factories. Masonry hammer is a kind of hammer with square corners, which is mainly used to hit stones, and its quality is strong and durable.

In addition, the fitter's hammer is actually a hammer used by the fitter. It is small and convenient, and it is very convenient to store and use, and it is also more commonly used.

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