How to use a hammer to save effort?

Date:Jan 30, 2021

The products of hammer manufacturers are widely used, and their application principles are the same, so the techniques used are the same, so how to use the hammer can be more labor-saving and the application effect is better. Let's learn more about this information.

When using a hammer, pay attention that the connection between the hammer head and the hammer handle must be firm. If it becomes loose, you should immediately add a wedge to tighten or replace the hammer handle; when the weight of the hammer doubles, the energy doubles, and the speed doubles , The energy is increased 4 times. Therefore, for safety, when using a hammer, you must correctly select the hammer and master the speed of the hit; when a small hitting force is required, hand swing can be used, and when a stronger hitting force is required, arm swing should be used. Method: When using the arm swing method, pay attention to the arc of the hammer head, and the handle of the hammer should not be contaminated by grease.

When purchasing hammer manufacturers’ products, make sure that the handle length of the hammer must be appropriate. Experience provides a more suitable length to hold the hammer head. The length of the forearm is equal to the length of the hand hammer. Such a hammer is easier to use.

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