How to pay attention to anti-corrosion of sledge hammer

Date:Mar 18, 2021

For octagonal hammers, we must pay attention to the problem of corrosion, because explosion-proof media are not corrosion-resistant under all conditions.

For example, ammonia, certain ammonium salts, acetylene, fluorine, chlorine, chromium ammonium, some dichromates, potassium hydride and other media in a humid environment are subject to very high levels of corrosion. In addition, some media will undergo chemical reactions after contact with copper alloys, generating highly dangerous explosive substances, such as acetylene steel formed by the combination of acetylene and steel. Therefore, it is necessary to use the sledge hammer in a dry environment as much as possible. If it is impossible to avoid using it in a humid environment, try to speed up the operation speed and reduce the working time to avoid the danger of causing greater corrosion.

After the octagonal hammer is used, it must be wiped clean in time, and it is strictly forbidden to be with corrosive media, so that it can be very effectively prevented from decay.

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