How to improve the wear resistance of the claw hammer?

Date:Mar 12, 2021

Everyone already knows the application of the products of claw hammer manufacturers. Because of its performance, the wear resistance of its hammer head has a greater impact on the service life of our products, so we try to improve its wear resistance during production. Let’s learn more about the relevant information.

If you want to improve the wear resistance of the claw hammer, it can increase the hardness of the carbide to reduce scratches, improve the shape of the carbide, make it from a block to a spherical or similar spherical shape, and reduce the possibility of being crushed. Sex. Improve the distribution of carbides, make them disperse from the discontinuous net-like odor, reduce the splitting and weakening of the body, increase the hardness of the matrix, and enhance its ability to resist low-stress impact wear.

Claw hammer manufacturers stated that the hammer head is the only striking part of the claw hammer. The hammer head must have strong abrasion resistance and tough impact resistance, especially for hammers such as claw hammers that are not only used for striking, but also have abrasion resistance. More demanding.

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