How to hold the hammer correctly

Date:Feb 06, 2021

Claw hammer manufacturers tell us that there are many different types of hammers, so when buying, pay attention to choosing according to your needs.

And what is the correct way to hold the hammer? To use the gripping method, use the five fingers of your right hand to hold the handle of the hammer firmly, place your thumb on the index finger, and point the tiger's mouth toward the direction of the hammer head. The end of the wooden handle is exposed about 15-30mm. During the swing and hammering, the five fingers are always Hold tightly. Then there is the loose grip method, using only the thumb and index finger to always hold the handle of the hammer. When swinging the hammer, the little finger, ring finger, and middle finger are relaxed in sequence; when hammering, they are tightened in the reverse order. This grip method The advantage is that the hand is not easy to fatigue, and the hammering force is large.

When swinging the hammer, there are three methods: wrist swing, elbow swing and arm swing. The wrist swing is a hammering motion with the wrist only; the elbow swing is a hammering motion with the wrist and the elbow, using a loose grip. The hammer has a larger swing, so the hammering force is also larger.

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