Components of a steel tape measure

Date:Feb 16, 2020

The steel tape measure consists of eight parts: housing, ruler, brake, ruler hook, lifting strap, ruler spring, anti-fall protection cover and labeling. The details are as follows

1. Outer shell: ABS new plastic, shiny appearance; anti-fall, wear-resistant, not easy to deform.

2. Ruler bar: 50 # first-grade strip steel with a thickness of 10 wires (0.10mm); the ruler surface is the most advanced environmentally friendly paint: odorless, smooth and wear-resistant, bright colors, clear and bright scale

3. Braking: It has three-dimensional braking on the top, side and bottom, and the hand control feels stronger.

4. Ruler hook: Rivet ruler hook structure is not easy to deform and ensure more accurate measurement.

5. Lifting belt: rubber, nylon; high-grade and high-quality; strong and durable, good feel.

6. Ruler spring: generally use 50 # carbon steel, 65 # manganese material: strong toughness and high accuracy.

7. Anti-fall protection cover: high-quality plastic to prevent falling and collision damage and enhance durability.

8. Labeling: Labeling can be produced according to customer requirements.

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