45 Degree Bent Nose Pipe Wrench

45 Degree Bent Nose Pipe Wrench

45 Degree Bent Nose Pipe Wrench 1. Adjust the proper spacing of the jaws to fit the pipe diameter to ensure that the jaws can catch the pipe. 2. Generally, press the left hand on the head of the jaws, and apply a little force. Try to press the right hand on the tail end of the handle of the pipe...


45 Degree Bent Nose Pipe Wrench

Securely grip soft iron pipe and pipe fittings

Forged, hardened, temper and heat-treated high carbon steel jaw.

Forged high carbon steel and steel sheet handle

Machined mill teeth

Jaw hardness 52-57hrc


1/2", 1", 1-1/2", 2"


Carbon Steel


Color box/ sliding card/ double blister/ hanging card



Precautions for use of pipe wrench:

(1) Choose the appropriate specifications;

(2) The opening of the clamp head should be equal to the diameter of the workpiece;

(3) After the pliers head is clamped to the workpiece, pull hard to prevent slipping and hurting people;

(4) When using a stiffener, the length should be appropriate. When carrying the handle, pay attention to the bearing torque, and do not use excessive force to prevent overload damage;

(5) Keep the pipe wrench teeth and adjusting ring clean;

(6) General pipe wrenches cannot be used as hammer heads;

(7) Cannot hold the workpiece whose temperature exceeds 300 ℃





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