German Type Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers

German Type Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers

German Type Round Nose Pliers The pliers head is conical, suitable for bending the metal sheet and wire into a circle. Other names: Round-nose pliers Uses: It is a commonly used tool for general telecommunications engineering, and is also one of the necessary tools for making jewelry. Used for...


German Type Heavy Duty Diagonal Pliers

Diagonal Cutting Pliers are mainly used to shear wires and lead wires of components and parts. They are also commonly used to replace shears to shear insulation sleeve and nylon tie wire card. The teeth of the diagonal cutting pliers can also be used to tighten or loosen the nut.

For heavy duty diagonal cutting pliers, it is more strong than common cutting pliers, and commonly used in industrial working, and can easily cutting steel wire, and other material.

C&A TOOLS Diagonal Cutting Pliers use high carbon steel materials and PVC or TPR handle.

Also we do accept OEM. Besides we have different type of handle you can choose.




45# Carbon Steel, Cr-v Steel

Head Finish

Polish, Black, Chrome Plated, Nickel Plated


Single color PVC/TPR Grip, Bi-color PVC/TPR Grip, etc.


Color box/ sliding card/ double blister/ hanging card








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-material and surface handling (We could advise if you’re not sure)



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